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About us


“I always dreamed of taking the highest quality goods straight from the manufacturer to the end-consumer, passing on top quality products at the lowest prices”

 Hilly Kahn, Chairman CWH Group

Whitehouse & Continental Linen are proudly South African!

As a family-owned, family-run business we value our staff and have created over 800 jobs in South Africa. With over 60 stores nationally and an in-house manufacturing facility, we are growing our business whilst creating jobs.

Our WHITEHOUSE CARES initiative strives to support and enrich local charities and organisations.

We source directly from some of the largest textile factories in the world. With over 83 years of experience in the linen business we have the expertise to find excellent quality at the best prices for our customers. 

We pride ourselves on bringing our customers the best deals on the widest range of linen, towels, homeware, beach towels, curtains, scatters, blankets, throws and so much more!




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